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First, a concession to those who feel that no website is complete without dancing bears:

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Welcome to my new site. It is a work in progress, so check back now and then. I am working on making it mobile-friendly, so screen shots from your mobile device are welcome.

Simple divorce: click here for a summary. I can also send you (by snail mail or e-mail) an information packet that includes the summary and more detailed information.

Historical information about common law marriage: The last day on which it was possible to enter into a common law marriage in Pennsylvania was January 1, 2005. Any common law marriage entered into on or before that date is still valid. Click here to read about what the law was.

You can also read my May 20, 2002 letter to the Judiciary Committee of the Pennsylvania Senate, urging the abolition of common law marriage.

I also do extensive appellate work, including freelance briefwriting for other attorneys. Here's an outline covering some basics for handling appeals to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

I am a WordPerfect 5.1+ diehard. Fellow diehards are invited to check out some of my macros.

One hazard of appellate work: transcript fatigue. I offer a remedy for this condition.

Other reading matter:

First Amendment: I filed a federal declaratory judgment action against the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission based on its refusal to provide me with a transcript of a public meeting at the cost of copying. You can read about it here. Please note that I am not admitted to practice in the Middle District of Pennsylvania, and accordingly cannot represent anyone other than myself in that forum.

Email management: Here is some material from a presentation I did in 2013 on the subject of the email bilge bulge.

Escrow management,: In 1990 I wrote a letter to the Disciplinary Board urging the adoption of a rule requiring attorney trust accounts to be maintained at banks that agree to report overdrafts to disciplinary authorities.

At the bottom of this page, you will find my responses to assorted questions posted on Avvo.

More to come ...